The Man You Know


The Man You Know is a political satire, made in 1984, and shot on 16mm in Sydney, Australia. Andrew Lesnie, who went on to shoot ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the ‘The Hobbit’ amongst others, was the Director of Photography. He was not long out of film school when we got together for my crazy idea. I wanted to do something that was political and satirical.

Lance Curtis, who plays the lead died tragically a few years later in an accident. He was a brilliant comedian and this performance hints at his great potential. Apart from being an accomplished actor he was a fantastic mimic and did all the different voices in the film.

All the quotes Lance reads out are from actual publications. The ‘holy than thou’ tone from the ‘Real Estate Institute of NSW Salesman’s Manual’ was particularly amusing.

The endless corruption inquiries/royal commissions mentioned towards the end of the film really existed at the time and of course changed little, if anything.

I did the voice of Bob Proudfoot, (chiropodist, real estate agent and local politician) that is heard emanating from the car.

The film stemmed from many things – my love of the absurd, the surreal and growing up in Australia where the connection (like everywhere else) between money, sex and politics bubbles away no matter who’s in power.

Which is why I’m still very fond of it.

‘The Man You Know’ could be reshot today with different faces and still be relevant.”
Steve Jacobs writer/director – 33 minutes.