Wild Strawberries Films, Our Films & Our Vision

Wild Strawberries is an Australian based company created by film-makers Anna Maria Monticelli and Steve Jacobs to make the films they were passionate about – visually dynamic with great acting. Anna and Steve were both actors and have won AFI Awards for Best Acting as evidence by the amazing performances in their films.

The company has produced 3 features so far: the multi award winning film adaption of the Booker Prize novel by J.M.Coetzee Disgrace, starring John Malkovich.  The outrageous multicutural comedy La Spagnola (The Spanish Woman) and filmmaking as one big laugh – I’ve Always Wanted To Direct (Siempre He Querido Dirigir).

Anna Maria Monticelli was writer/producer and Steve Jacobs the director on all projects. They are developing similar outstanding films and have several projects at an advanced stage. Anna also writes plays and Steve produces photography reflecting the powerful visual style throughout his movies.